Party in a box

Parties in planning....

A sneak peak of some parties that we are currently in planning...

May 2014

4th & 6th Joint Birthday Party - Super Mario meets Spongebob!

Luigi meets Squidward Tentacles! A special joint birthday party for a little girl age 4 and her big brother age 6! Watch this space!

June 2014

6th Birthday Party - Disney Bolt the Superdog

Do you know the power of Styrofoam?! Bolt travels across America to find his way home to Penny and meets Mittens the Cat and Rhino the Hamster on his way. Watch out for the villain, The Green Man!

Upcoming Special Celebrations...

Happy Birthday to Horrid Henry 20 years old this year!

My party was based on

a Spa theme, decorated with soft soothing, scented candles, creating a young girls dream of indulgence. I felt like a pampered princess!

October 2014

Halloween Harry Potter Party

Expecto Patronum!  Are you ready to conjour a Patronus to fight off the Dementors? Or maybe Rictusempra? Causing a tickling sensation all over the body? Either way there are no limits to a Harry Potter Party!