Party in a box

Gingersnap Parties

Welcome to Gingersnap! Inspired by my beautiful daughters, our aim is to provide you with your choice of themed party, tailored to your budget, all ready for you in a box! No more off the shelf parties, you can have what is really wanted! … we help you to make dreams come true!

We have created several themed parties from an elegant Christening party, decadent Divorce party through to The Mad Hatters Tea Party.

We will never create the same party twice!

There will always be similarities in the same themes but there will always be a different interpretation so you can be sure your themed party will be unique! And we wouldn’t want to get bored either! We love a challenge!

My party was based on a Spa theme, decorated with soft soothing, scented candles, creating a young girls dream of indulgence. I felt like a pampered princess!  

Happy to be off to see the Wizard...

For Aurelia’s 5th birthday she wanted a Wizard of Oz party! No problem we said, let’s create Oz! We created a yellow brick road, somewhere over the rainbow, went through the Forbidden Forest to see the Great Wizard Himself! Watch out for the Wicked Witch! Yay! Everyone received a certificate from the Wizard and a yellow brick filled with goodies!

What you get:



Let your imaginations run wild and let us create the magic!

Party Favours are important to us and we believe every party should have a special favour for both children and adults, presented in a unique style from Snowman Soup to Witches boots…both children and adults will be delighted!

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